Yuka app - how to use? Full overview

in this video let's go through the yuka app so here is the app i just downloaded it and i'm super impressed so with this app you can scan your food beauty products by just scanning barcodes and then you can just see are they really healthy or not and then you can see their rating from like from 0 to 100 like how much healthy are they which ingredients here are risky so for example there are some aerogen risks and then you can see all the details of that ingredient like and then you can see all the scientific sources if it's risky or not and then you can see some ingredients which have no risk and based on all of that you have like some scoring matters and then you can just see all of the details and all of the guides like how how these products are rated the cosmetics rating method is based on the analysis of all the ingredients contained in the product based on the present state of science each ingredient is assigned a level of risk based on its potential or proven healthy facts hazardous moderate risk limited risk no risk the risk associated with each ingredient are displayed in the product sheet along with is associated scientific sources or we assess the risk levels by looking at the different effects in the ingredient might have on health so you can see all of that um yep and then basically let me just show you how the scan process looks like so here you just have the scanner and you need to scan the product so i just downloaded like some you know google image uh and then you can see that it's like some jungle art saw that some kind of food you can see how much protein it has fiber etc fat sugar but negatives how much calories it has and how much salt it has again in this app you have two types of products these are beauty products and food products so just depending on that so now you have food products then if i like it i can just remove it to to the fiber like add it to favorites and then i can have some food preferences but that to access that feature uh you need to do that so member access allows you to config configure food preferences gluten free lactose free or palm olive oil free so you can have that so let's just check out some other product oops so yep ah it doesn't work like that i'm just trying to show you some more products just as an example so like let's try this one unknown product known product because it only can scan like you know uh food or [Music] or beauty products so anyways let's just scan this subscan anyway so sometimes the scan doesn't work from the screen but um so for example this one you have like for example yeah finally there is this chocolate chocolate bar dark ginger crystallized you can see this rating you can see negatives low content of cocoa no organic sugar too sweet saturated fat and then there is some like positives no harmful additives and that's about it uh also i can just go to the history and for example i was looking for like iceberg or something i can see all of that but the score is 37 out of 100 so it's not like super great score and then what i can just i can go to recommendations hey there is a better uh bird watch gel so you can just hey there is nice uh recommendation and then i can just search it uh here and then just find it if i tap see all i can just find it from here yeah and also i can delete from history or i can just go here yeah that's the good one and i i add it to favorites so that's basically the process here i have all the recommendations i can just remove that from my history so based on my search history i search for this iceberg that's a poor rating here i have better alternative i heard for this gel or something and then i have better alternative so and the same for food that's why this app is really amazing so you can just you know you're going to supermarket and you you're not sure if you need to buy it you just scan it hey this is a better product or maybe you found something online you're really not sure if it's the right one but you need a barcode if you find a barcode you scan it and then yep that's just how it works i don't know if you can add like uh so you can scan like this you can enable flashlight if you need in the dark and then you can see in the your overview of your food how how which food you scanned which of this food is good or excellent and then in your beauty you can also see this overview you can see okay these are two excellent products um some of them are poor and this just helps you to to manage all of this product in this way then the cool part is that you can search for any product or but yeah this feature is only available for members uh so members what they can do they can use offline mode scan your items even your phone has no signal search any product by its name without having to scan it food preferences pay what you want and that's really amazing because this is an open project it's not this not a project developed by some large enterprise to promote their own products with ads in this app something else this is just like open source project the minimum price is just 8.99 per year so i think that's actually an amazing deal if you like shopping and if you care about your health and stuff so yeah maximum you can do 1849 per year um and that's also really cheap i think then you can just have become a member and that's that's not per month that's per year yeah it's a subscription payment so it's not a one-time payment this time it will altering you next year so something like that um uh so that's how it works um yep and when you have this search option that's super powerful because you a lot of people just shopping online so then you are not sure if i want to buy these tomatoes of these cucumbers or this like salad whatever you can just search it here and find if it's really nice one or not then you just have an account uh yeah you can become a premium member you can invite friend uh invite a friend and become premium member receive 30 days of access to the premium version of each subscriber so that's a cool thing to do also another aspect i'm not sure about is whether you can scan like only united states products or can you do like all the european products brands and some other like asian products if you are traveling does it work globally or not so this aspect i'm just not sure about then of course you just have your history you can see all your scans of history you can just remove your history you can see your favorites bookmarks and also if you tap in top right you can just reach out to the help section to the support so that's the idea that's the overview of the app hope this was helpful um thank you for watching again uh visit my blog mr hector i often do nice overviews of interesting apps and software check out my podcast mr hacky on spotify and see in the next videos

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