so here's zala walkie-talkie app it which is one of the alternatives to viral High Pile app um yeah so here it is so you can just tap plus to add uh xylophones here um you can search by username I guess and then you can just add friends like this and this app is um as you can see you send request this app is more designed for like business kind of walkie-talk if you're working on a construction if you work in some Logistics offices it's just faster than texting in some situations and you can just use this app while highpal is more like social media so for example here's how it works I can just hello hello I can just talk to it hello hello I uh touching how to talk and then I have messages in the top right where I can see all these messages um hello hello I can I can jump so that's the idea it also automatically creates these audio clips for you then I guess you can use airplay to contact it to speaker replace uh so that's basically it so then you just go to any contact you need the contact need to accept you and then that's how basically the interface looks like then you can see the connection quality for like walkie-talkie so super simple and then you have your account you can change your status available solo busy offline you can enter a status message you can change your profile picture or yeah what you have and then you have accounts then you have settings uh here you can reach out to their support you can see this app is being built back from 2007 I think now it's being acquired by Cisco WebEx um so yeah if you want to here is your accounts you can see then there are settings uh yeah if you scroll to the bottom you can delete your account from here uh that's what you can do as well so yeah that's basically it and then you have channels you can create new channel search by channel name create a channel similar as on Slack uh like this channel name is taken just an example um so yeah that's about it and then they they want to access your contacts and then you can just add people to that channel and then you can swipe left right so yes this is a really cool app actually about walkie-talkie concept which is going viral right now probably because it just went viral on Tick Tock anyhow that's the idea that's the app so look for Zello app zala walkie-talkie if you tried High pal and you liked it maybe as well you can like this this app uh so that's basically the idea um yeah just search for like that zala walkie-talkie hope this is helpful and thank you for watching please like this video If it helped you out

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