ZENLY APP still in App Store, but CAN'T OPEN ZENLY app

hey there so if you try to open zenly app it's still available in the in the App Store it says the description that the app is shutting down yeah but then when you just open it up you can still open it but then it just shuts down so that's unfortunate that's what's happening um yeah so that then the app is still in the App Store but then it just shuts down uh yeah so if you like this app uh yeah I'm sorry but there are a bunch of Alternatives they're not that good yet but there is like a woo app which you can try out the social sharing app which is in the top charts there is another app called BFF um and then they're just you know adding a lot of features right away there's like two apps competing right now in the US app store for which will be like the replacement for the xenley app of course you have also social mapping in Snapchat uh but yeah that's what's happening right now

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