Zooni app - BeReal alternative - how to create an account? Quick overview

here's interesting app which is called zuni um let's try it out and explore uh it's going higher in the charts in some european countries and it's like social networking uh app zuni allows you to simultaneously capture video between both the front and rear facing cameras record video in split screen mini screen full screen collaborate and leave video comments select from over 200 million music tracks uh zuni invites you to untap and transform the hidden power of mobile and deliver your friends and fans a content experience unlike any other on the planet so here is the app i think this app is kind of uh combines tick tock elements and be real because burial app is going viral these days which also includes like a front and back camera and this is a new trend where you're just sharing using two cameras on your smartphone front and rear facing cameras and this new update was just introduced here where you can capture videos with both front and back facing cameras at the same time and you can post these videos to your other social media accounts as well so let's just go through it so to create an account here's the options like standard options apple google or email and then you can just create an account here then i just want to register my handle and then it should be there so now you're on the app and now for example if i want to do like a split screen here i just need to okay multicam is not supported okay for some reason so anyhow the idea is you will have like both front and back cameras um so that's basically that and then you can just uh discover some hashtags some accounts you can see this is how it looks like uh so you see like video with both front and back cameras but you can also post videos without that maybe it's just because i'm doing screen recording there are some bugs in the app but anyhow yeah that's the idea of it then you have your activities then you have your profile and that's about that um you can delete your account if you don't like the app or you're concerned about your privacy uh hey guys i'm gonna eat okay so now here you can see some of the photos and accounts and how it might look like so that's basically the idea hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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