Is there an OBIMY WIDGET?

Is there an Obimy widget?

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So here's Obimy app. A lot of people asking, "Can you actually install a widget similar to Locket widget on Noteit widget app?"

Let's just test it out. Tap and hold, until you can see the apps jiggling, and then you just need to search for Obimy. It's not there, so there is no Obimy widget at this moment. Maybe they will install it in future. But if you're looking for that, it's not available. Neither on iOS, neither on android.

Overall, it would be a great idea to have Obimy widget, where for example you would see all recent touches, hugs, kisses or maybe you could see mood of your partner.

There is a huge rise of widget apps recently, such as Locket, noteit, livein - as users want just to quickly display photos, notes, messages without a big need to go inside the app.

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